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Healthy Living

Fresh & Natural Food Service Group is committed to Healthy Living. Our Healthy Living Program focuses on the customer and the environment. For our customers, Fresh & Natural Food Service Group emphasizes heart healthy, nutritionally sound food and beverage offerings that adhere to guidelines set forth by health professionals. We also provide nutrition information and healthy living tips. Some highlights include:

  • Large Selection of Healthy food and beverage options

  • Healthy eating guidelines

  • Nutritional education information and guides

  • Healthy food and living tips


Preserve the Environment

Fresh & Natural is fully committed to conservation and the environment.  We focus on Green Conservations Initiatives designed to lessen our impact as a company on the surrounding local and global environment. We:

  • Practice recycling, food composting, and energy and water conservation

  • Provide 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable food containers and utensils

  • Use green sanitation chemicals

  • Purchase local and sustainable foods

  • Hire from within the local community – lessening the environmental impacts of travel and supporting the local economy